Spraying Systems

Hayon Spray Systems

Responsible for the invention of the automatic pan sprayer in the 1960’s, Hayon Manufacturing produces high quality pan spraying equipment which is designed to increase productivity and reduce labour costs.

Through continuous improvement and a strong focus on ease-of-use, Hayon has developed a range of equipment known for its simplicity, flexibility, low maintenance and excellent build quality.

Hayon SELECT-A-SPRAY pan spraying machines utilise a continuous spray of oil. Overspray is collected, filtered and recycled, ensuring no waste. The machines do not require compressed air, increasing mobility and reducing the presence of oil mists in the bakery.

With the change of a nozzle, a wide range of products and viscosities can be accommodated. An integrated mixer ensures consistency of the product is maintained.

Hayon equipment is proudly distributed in Australia by Masterol Foods.