Vegetable Oils

About our Vegetable Oils

Masterol carries a range of Refined and Deodorised vegetable oils including Canola, Cottonseed and High Oleic Sunflower Oils, and can supply many other types of vegetable oils on demand. Most Masterol vegetable oils are manufactured in Australia from Australian-grown oilseed, ensuring our customers receive the freshest, highest quality product available.

Masterol vegetable oils are suitable for all applications in the food industry including frying and baking, as well as general purpose cooking and salad uses. Our high oleic oils, which have a high resistance to oxidation, allow food manufacturers to produce high quality products with a long shelf life.

Combined with superior quality products, Masterol’s information and advice puts its customers in the ‘box seat’ when it comes to selecting and sourcing vegetable oils that are suited to their specific needs.

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