Golden Mex

Golden Mex is a blend of refined and deodorised vegetable oils and emulsifiers especially designed for the production of flour tortillas. Golden Mex promotes the formation of a smooth, uniform batter that reacts smoothly and properly to heat when it is baked. Most importantly, Golden Mex eliminates cracking of the flour tortilla when folding.

Traditional shortenings tend to coat the particles of flour and other dry ingredients in the mix. In contrast, Golden Mex helps the water to penetrate the fat layer and hydrate the starch particles, allowing a higher percentage of water to be used. This is accomplished despite a marked reduction in the amount of shortening required.

A significant reduction in total fat and in the level of saturated fatty acids is a reality with Golden Mex.

Golden Mex may be used as a shortening in doughs, batters and mixes where flour is the main ingredient. Tortillas and other flat bread products are a typical application. Because Golden Mex is fluid at room temperature, it may be added by volume (e.g. measuring jug) instead of weight.

Golden MexGolden MexGolden Mex

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Product is offered in a range of pack sizes including 10 and 20 litre / kg packs, 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC and Pallecon. The product type and usage conditions often play a part in determining the appropriate pack size and type for a given application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.