About our Lubricating Oils

Through its sister company, Veedol Lubricants Australia, Masterol has access to technical knowledge about mineral oils and lubrication which is unique in the food industry. It is this knowledge, coupled with Masterol’s food industry experience that gives Masterol customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Mineral OilLubricating OilMineral White Oils

Arbell Mineral White Oil

Arbell Mineral White Oils are highly refined and specially processed and packaged to ensure full compliance with the purity standards of British Pharmacopoeia (BP), US Pharmacopoeia (USP) and FSANZ requirements for food processing aids. Masterol’s Arbell Mineral White Oils are available in ISO grades 10, 15, 32, 40 and 68 as well as all intermediate grades.

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Dovide Series

Dovide series lubricants have been developed to replace Mineral Hydrocarbon White Oils used in the bread and baked goods industry as dough divider oils and dough hopper oils. Dovide lubricants are specially formulated blends of vegetable oil fatty acids and triglyceride esters, engineered to achieve the viscosities required for mechanical dough dividers (usually ISO 15, 32 and 68).

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