The range of activities undertaken by Masterol across the wider food industry is only possible due to its significant investment in research and development.

Masterol's skilled research and development team has developed significant intellectual property in the design of processing aids, as well as shortening products to assist manufacturers in achieving a range of desirable, value-adding outcomes such as reduced fat content.

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Masterol Foods technical personnel combine knowledge of the technical aspects of food oils with experience in the production of a wide range of food products.

The technical support and advice provided by Masterol Foods freely to its customers has resulted in improvements to the quality of many food products and assisted in the smooth manufacture and timely release to market of many more.

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Masterol Foods regularly works with customers and equipment suppliers to develop specifications for equipment which is involved in storing, handling and dispensing its products.

The areas in a manufacturing facility where oil is used are often not as clean as the rest of the facility, so the design and performance of associated equipment is of particular importance in minimizing food safety and OH&S concerns such as oil build-up and slip hazards.

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